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Potential Problems Podcast Network features Potential Problems Podcast w/ comedians John Cuellar and Allen Clark who invite other local entertainers, athletes, and all around entertaining individuals to take part in a long form discussion going from the mundane daily interactions we face and the weird stories that almost get us in trouble. As well as original content in each episode, we enjoy reacting to videos. Now featuring WoodStarr The Podcast!


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#AlbuquerqueComedy newcomer Cat Savage hangs out again! Allen Clark and John Cuellar hosting. Andy Ruiz shocked many people by being fat and becoming a #boxing champ. We also show Cat some shocking th...
June 13, 2019
Potential Problems Podcast is back with another live episode! Joining us tonight is our good friend Kevin Baca. We are bidding farewell to the short-lived ABQ Comedy Vault, and are going to have some ...
June 7, 2019
#AlbuquerqueComedy Allen Clark and John Cuellar are back for another great show! Joining us tonight are comedian Cat Savage and Magician Bryan Andrew Lambe
June 2, 2019
What a week in #Albuquerque comedy! #AlbuquerqueComedy the new comedy club #ComedyVault owner has really done it to himself this time. We will be discussing why the majority of ABQ comedians and comed...
May 23, 2019
Comedian Andrew Harms is back from New York and hanging out with us for the next hour! Harold Lederman passed away which is bad news for #boxing fans,
May 17, 2019
#Austin316 We are BACK with hosts John Cuellar and Allen Clark! Welcoming in #Albuquerque #Comedian Kevin Elder. #Canelo is fighting, and we talk Slayer's last tour
May 9, 2019
#Albuquerque comedians Allen Clark and John Cuellar welcome in newcomer to the comedy scene Tyler Lovely. We get his background and experience being new to open-mics and performing, and gross him out ...
May 2, 2019
Discussing NM 420 Fest and why we are live in the studio tonight! Opening with a voicemail from the owner of ABQ's new comedy club, The Comedy Vault who is totally not salty about things. Comedian Jas...
April 25, 2019
NM420Fest is a week away, and we have organizers Ken Thompson & Melissa Thompson of to hype the event! Visit https://www.nm420fest.com/. We also have our good friend comedian Ann Gora hang...
April 18, 2019
#420fest We are back with another live episode! John Cuellar and Allen Clark are joined in studio by our comedy friends Griff and Zach Abeyta! Also have Colorado battle rapper Lytes Edison calling in....
April 11, 2019

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